Picture updates!

Thanks to all of our lovely fans for sending us their hair pictures! Here's some new pics for ya: Jazmine Ferguson with Bloodlust Red: Melanie Kidwill with Absinthe Green: Madalyn with VF Purple: Jes Street with Absinthe Green: Augusta Wickman with Asphyxiation blue:

NatyMetal and Yaz

New photoset from VF Models NatyMetal and Yaz: NatyModel with the Lunatik Frostbite pastel blue: Yaz with the Lunatik Killer Candy pink: Click Here for the full gallery and details

New Site layout + Hair pics

We got a new website layout that is more mobile friendly, for all the geeks that are addicted to their phones. 🙂 Here's some new hair pics for ya: dezi_vf_purple_photo_by_mandy_stewart_colourbox Dezi with VF Purple, photo by Mandy Stewart / Colourbox amara_zane_frostbite_asphyxiation Amara Zane with a mix of frostbite and asphyxiation annie_vazquez_asphyxiation_absinthe3 Annie Vazquez with a mix of Asphyxiation and Absinthe chelsee_lynn2 Chelsee Lynn with a mix of VF Purple and Frostbite ALSO! We've got a 'like and share' contest going on on the Lunatik Facebook page! Share the post and be eligible to win 1 bottle of each of our 6 hair dye shades!