Sin_In_Skin Modeling Bloodlust

Sin_In_SKin with Lunatik Bloodlust for a luscious alternative look that have all the boys squealing. Thank you! 🙂 IMG_20150906_065128

ExoticCandyFloss with Frostbite

ExocticCandyFloss on Instagram modeling Lunatik Frostbite like an Ice Queen. Simply Gorgeous! Thank You! <3


CupCakeWithRainbows Modeling Killer Candy

CupCakeWithRainbows covered in Lunatik Killer Candy like the cutest rock star on the planet! Thank you so much, you look great! <3 IMG_20150902_204346

Necrinity Sporting Absinthe

Necrinity with great special effects make up and bright green Lunatik Absinthe in her hair prepping for the new VF calendar. Coming out soon! Thank you! 🙂

Asifno With Lunatik Asphyxiation

@Asifno on Instagram with beautiful long Lunatik Asphyxiation hair. Great Job, thank you! 🙂